SparkFire Mobile

Mobile App Ideation Workshops

Sparkfire can conduct private workshops for your company that looks at how you could utilize mobile applications and devices. We work together in this one day session to create a foundation for a mobile application and how the process of development works. Some of the topics we cover in the workshops are:

Session 1 – Introductions and Best Practices for Mobile Apps

Introductions of the team and their roles. We will discuss the basics of Mobile App development and a brief primer on how they are built and function. Sparkfire will also present several case studies of successful mobile apps and a general overview of current state of mobile devices and technologies.

Session 2 – Determining Success for Your Mobile App

The group will discuss what the primary outcomes of the app should be and will determine how we will measure success.We will talk about the primary user base and some of their challenges and opportunities using a mobile app.

Session 3 – App Ideation

During this session we will discuss the initial functionality and explore additional functions and features. This is a great time to gather ideas and determine potential Version 1 vs Version 2 feature sets.

Session 4 – Timelines and Process

In this final session we will discuss the development process in detail and outline the major milestones as well as determine a timeline for the overall process that reflects the functionality and expectations determined in our earlier sessions

* Each session lasts approx. 50 mins with a 10 min break to check Phones/email etc.

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